Steve Sint

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Steve Sint has spent a great deal of his life walking down aisles backwards. Over a 40 year career, he has photographed over 4000 weddings, taken over 2 million photographs, and shot over 1 million portraits for his own studio and others in the New York metropolitan area. As a commercial photographer he has photographed thousands of executives and still life subjects. His client list includes, or has included, the American Broadcasting Company, Time Inc., Hearst Publications, Yves St. Laurent, AT&T, NCR, National Semiconductor, Miller Freeman Publishing, MacGroupUS, and Hachette-Filipacchi Magazines. His photographs have appeared on the covers of over 60 national magazines including LIFE, Omni, Stereo Review, and Modern Photography. As a columnist and contributor his words and photographs have also appeared in Studio Photography, Lens Magazine, Modern Photography, Popular Photography, View Camera Magazine, Railroad Model Craftsman, and he has authored 7 books on photography. In his most recently published book, Digital Wedding Photography: Art, Business, and Style, he shares his experience with his readers in the breezy, knowledgeable, and accessible style his writing is known for. At this point in his career he limits his assignments to 50 per year for a select New York clientele, photographs and writes about things he enjoys, and still finds time to lecture on professional photography, create and produce tutorial videos, conduct workshops on wedding, portrait, and still life photography, while still finding time to work on his model railroad. His newest book, Digital Still Life Photography: Art, Business, and Style, is scheduled for release in October of 2012.

Steve Sint



"Steve Sint is a master photographer whose command of craft and uncanny eye is legend among his peers, and Digital Portrait Photography is his latest book. What makes this book so valuable is how this consummate pro distills the essence of his vast store of knowledge and makes it understandable and accessible to photographers of all skill levels. In his easy, readable style, Sint takes us through a myriad of picture situations, sharing his approach, techniques, and equipment tips so we gain real insight, as well as nuts and bolts information, on how he creates the fresh, lively, and exquisitely-lit portraits that are his trademark."

-- Bob Krist


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